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Why you NEED to Deadlift!


Unless you have a specific limitation or injury that hinders you from doing them, there are some exercises you simply must do. One such exercise is the deadlift.

Below are 6 major reasons to perform deadlifts:

  1. The deadlift uses multiple muscle groups at the same time

A challenging set of deadlifts will, in essence, work the entire posterior (back) chain of your body, from your neck down to your feet. The posterior chain of your body comprises major muscle groups such as the lower back, gluteus maximus (glutes), hamstrings, trapezius muscles and calves. It also enhances our grip strength and develops the muscles in our forearms. The benefit of this is that there are so many muscles and motor units being used at the one time, which promotes both muscle growth and an enhancement of our overall strength.

  1. It helps to develop explosive strength

By improving the rate of which we can apply force, it allows our bodies to become more efficient at other activities that use explosive, rapid movements, such as sprinting, resistance training and essentially all sports.

  1. It helps to develop the muscles in the upper body

Regardless of your individual goal, gaining muscle is extremely important. Whether you are a female wanting to lose 5 kilograms for her wedding or a bodybuilder who wants to create a more muscular physique, the deadlift will help you gain more muscle in your upper body and help your body burn fat more easily.

  1. The deadlift has many functional applications

The deadlift not only helps us look better, but also translates to other realms of life and helping us be stronger functionally. The benefits of such functional are that it allows us to do everyday things such as playing with the kids, lifting the shopping and just moving around with more ease.

  1. Doing deadlifts can help prevent or cure injury

So many people suffer from back pain, hip soreness and general tightness through the back and hamstrings. The deadlift, while strengthening the posterior chain, helps to strengthen these areas that many people tend to do little to no work on. By developing strength through the back, hips and hamstrings you will strengthen the muscle groups that cause many people so much pain.

  1. The deadlift helps promote better posture

Posture, posture, posture. It is the great bane of many peoples existence. Many people accentuate poor posture through too many pushing movements and through natural occurrences such as sitting, driving and standing. By performing deadlifts we train the muscles associated with good posture to engage and naturally correct postural issues.

So there you have it, guys. When done with caution and the right technique, the deadlift is a tremendously challenging and rewarding exercise.


Have a great day,


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