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Group Cardio Fitness

Our unlimited cardio group sessions are engineered to have you in the fittest and most vital shape of your life. We have a range of different types of cardio sessions to keep your body guessing and working hard. Sessions include boxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT), abs/core, tabata and beginner cardio.

Our classes are:

  • Structured to burn 3 x more fat than steady state cardio
  • Can be modified to help you work with all fitness levels and can even work around those with injuries
  • Fun, safe, motivating and inspiring sessions every single time. No two sessions are ever the same; we will keep your body guessing and having fun every single workout.
  • Be a part of our great community and achieve your goals together

Unlimited Group Cardio/ Bootcamp Training


Sessions include boxing, SWEAT (HIIT), abs/core, strength, power,

Usual price: $49.95

SPECIAL PRICE: $34.99 per week. Limited time only!


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