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Hey guys, if you’re wondering why we teach food the way we do, have a read.


I’ve just had a few questions lately about different nutritional philosophies and my take on them so thought I’d pop this up.


Let me first say, everything works! Everything! Counting macros, calories, the celery diet, lemon detox, Atkins, cocaine only; it all WORKS!



Why we teach food and carb timing is because it’s the easiest way to both get great results and keep them; it’s sustainable. We have found that counting calories, macros, etc is not. Not for long term.


Our core demographic are an amalgamation of young busy twenty somethings, busy mums, business owners and everything in between. Basically, we train everyone. The reason we give you easy to understand nutrition is because you are busy and to count macros and calories takes time and can drive you nutty too.


Fern, myself and Chris have been doing this for nearly a decade. Obviously Chris and Fern are amazing and their bodies literally speak for themselves. Chris competes, Fern competed and now is an extremely good powerlifter and they, and myself, literally eat the exact way that we prescribe you to. No extra stuff, no enhancements, nothing.


Time your foods around training; want some pizza tonight? Earn it. Sushi? Earn it. Pasta? Earn it.


What we find is that people who start to use our philosophy have more energy, muscle, body fat and believe it or not, more happiness.


Nothing is restrictive and it is all aimed at improvements. For me personally, I’m now 33 years old and like everyone who enters the midway point of a decade I notice my metabolism is naturally slowing. Me at 23 could get away with more than the me of today. I just focus on timing my foods, mixing things up and enjoying the process.


I’ve never been cranky or felt like I’m missing out because I’m always eating the right thing at the right time. I actually don’t know how to count calories. Counting calories and working on a deficit does exactly that; and it also means muscle loss 99% of the time. People who diet too hard lose too much muscle and the result is not always worth the anguish and changes in mood and temperament.


Like all of you guys, I’m busy. I sometimes squeeze my workouts in very early morning and train late at night. The one thing that’s super consistent is my food. Fern and I have explored so many different nutritional philosophies over the past decade and found that this is by far the best. So much so that we’ve used it for 8 years now.


At the start you may feel restricted or miss having certain foods at any time of the day; my advice is to be patient. Let your body get used to the food being used as fuel and you’ll feel 100% better.


I look at my friends who are in their late 20’s and early 30’s and some of them are so out of shape that it’s not funny. These are guys that play footy AND go to the gym! That’s 10 hours of exercise a week! Nearly 3 times as many hours as me. I’m no fitness model but I know that I am always fit and healthy no matter the month or season, and I still eat a fair few skinny cow ice creams (I’m getting some tonight). I like having abs and still being able to slip up and not have to eat under my “deficit” to look good. Who really wants to do that forever? I’ve never “dieted”. Ever! I never will. I just enjoy my food and training and I like to think I have a really healthy understanding of why the 2 are so important and I make my decisions based on that. Nothing more. Cardio and resistance training and timing my foods. If I want to get even leaner I just make even better food choices, up my water and go from there.


Everything we do is aimed to get you the best bang for buck; the training, the mindset and the food.



Listen to us, have faith and see the results, guys.

We wouldn’t ask you to do anything we don’t do ourselves and we know this works; you make sure you give it a will work for you too 😉


PS all you legends who have had great results with the food give me a hallelujah! 🙌🏻