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The Number 1 Factor why you're not Getting Results


Hey guys. We see it all the time; you bust your hump at the gym, training for 1-1.5 hours at a time, 5 days a week. You work hard, you target every muscle, you push through your cardio and yet, nothing….no results, no weight loss, NOTHING.


So, why is this happening? Is it because you have bad genetics? Is it because you aren’t strong enough? Not talented enough? Do you have metabolic damage? The answer is no. Yes, genetics, metabolic damage and strength are all facets as to why some people do not get great results at the start of their journey, but that isn’t the reason most people fail.

Most people fail not due to their lack of work inside the gym, but their habits away from it.

Human beings are habitual; we are creatures of habit. Our habits define everything we do. They define how we interact with others, how we handle stress, how we eat and how we exercise. When it comes to our health, we have found that that the hardest habits to break is those that we have established away from the gym. The 23 hours that you are not exercising, and what you choose to do with it, will define your success.


Here are 5 key aspects of your life that must be aligned before you will start to see phenomenal results from your training.

  1. Poor Nutrition: Seems obvious, right. However, if we had a dollar for every time someone told us that they ate whatever they liked because they had exercised that day, we would be living large on a beach in Ibiza. You really cannot out-exercise your nutrition. It is the single most important facet of your fitness journey and it requires the same amount of respect and concentration as your training….if not more. When you develop good nutritional habits you will have far greater success with your health.
  2. Lack of Sleep: So, you are burning the candle at both ends. Monday to Friday you are lighting the gym UP! You are up early, working hard and busting your butt. Then the weekend comes and you are out all night, not sleeping and wondering why your health is going backwards. This is very common. Sleep, and quality of sleep, is integral to the process of owning your health. For some, it’s not party-filled weekends; it may be stressing over work that causes sleeplessness, or an obsession with YouTube before bed, or habits developed from childhood that mean they cannot sleep until 11 or 12 at night. If you want great results you must take control of your sleep. Your body does not build muscle or even burn a great deal of calories while you train; all of the magic happens away from the gym….and a great deal of that occurs while you are resting. When you develop good sleeping habits you will have far greater success with your health.
  3. You are all or nothing: Manic exercisers are the worst exercisers. Eating and training well one week, only to fall off the wagon the next. What this does is cause only one thing; a backwards step in reference to your health and fitness. For some people, being good for one week and bad the next is not a big deal; they figure that the good and bad will even out. They could not be more wrong. Doing this causes your metabolism to yo-yo, slowing it down with every coming ‘bad week’. In health terms, consistency is well and truly the king. Being perfect one week and terrible the next causes the body to store more fat and use your muscle as an energy source, which leads to weight gain. When you develop consistency you will have far greater success with your health. 
  4. A lack of support from family and friends: This is huge. Many people fail because they don’t have a great support base. The 23 hours away from the gym are often met with “non-exercisers” casting judgment and at times showing contempt for what they do not understand at others. A lack of support is a fundamental hurdle and one that many people struggle with. They say that you are the sum of the 5 people you are around most; if those 5 people are not healthy or even supportive of your health, success is nigh impossible. If you can garner support and build healthy relationships, you will conquer your health. We have found through our mindset seminars and research that those with a healthy support base get the best results. If you haven’t got yourself a great support base, get one. When you develop a good support base you will have far greater success with your health. (MPT members Letesha and Amy have formed a fantastic relationship together at Rowville MPT. Before training together they had never met; they now plan their sessions together, meal prep together, catch up socially together and even have both set a goal of doing a bodybuilding competition in September together).                                                   
  5. You aren’t setting goals: This is essential. Why put in all of that work only to get to the end of a six week block and not celebrate? Achieving things gives you a sense of worth and pride, and means that you are succeeding. If you are not setting goals, do so TODAY. When you develop achievable goals you will have far greater success with your health.

So there you have it, guys. If this struck a chord with you, it may be time to analyse that 23 hours you are spending away from the gym. You may just find it is the piece of the puzzle that you have been sorely missing….