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Shakira sits at 15% body fat all year round... How does she do it?


From the age of 18 to 24 I had always been a member of a franchise gym. With no guidance, I would spend the majority of my time slogging it out on the cardio machines and would spend a small amount of time doing very light weights as I was lead to believe that by doing weights I would bulk up, not only that I had no idea how to use the machines, what weight I should be doing, how many reps/sets...I can now look back at the old me and giggle, silly me. I have also had pt sessions through multiple trainers but just wasn't getting the guidance and also the results that I should have been getting.

Thank goodness I made the decision to quit all of the above and start fresh with MPT Transformations. As I said, I though I was fit and healthy until I had my body fat/muscle ratio measured by the lovely Fern...I could honestly say when I saw my results from my initial consultation I almost had a heart attack...28.79% (precisely) was my body fat. So that was it, I signed up on the spot, and am so happy I did. I know it sounds corny, but most importantly I am so grateful to the MPT crew and its community for the positive changes that I have embodied.




Having started my training with MPT in August 2014, I have learnt so much with regards to nutrition (such a big part to getting results was the education I have been taught by the trainers), all of the different exercises (again educating us the importance of such exercises and why) and perfecting my form with every exercise. When you walk in to MPT you don't feel like a number. You are greeted by the smiling trainers and all the awesome MPT members. I am such an advocate of MPT Transformations purely because without these guys I would be extremely insecure with my body. I can now say to myself that I have given myself the best opportunity to feel confident, comfortable and complete - and am proud to say, I am. So to me, that is a massive accomplishment.


I can easily balance my life between - family time, work, gym and socialising. The best part about training with MPT is that I only have to commit a maximum of 45mins per workout. I do 3 semi-resistant weight sessions per week. So in total that is only 2 hours and 15 minutes per week. How good is that? Who would have thought that one could get such results with so very little gym time!! No more slogging it at the gym for hours upon hours, and waiting on someone to get off the equipment you need.


I dedicate about a 2 hours on a Sunday to do my weekly grocery shop and all my meal prep for the week. The guys at MPT think I am crazy because I am someone that loves ROUTINE (some may call it OCD). I don't change up my meal plans!! There, I said it! I literally eat the exact same food day in, day out. But guess what? I love it! The fact that I allow myself 2 cheat meals each week satisfies me enough to then go back to my "usual".

I hope by sharing my story that I can influence someone or multiple people to take the step to changing their lives for the better.

 Since joining MPT I have lost 5.2kg's on the scales and lost an amazing 13% body fat (I now comfortably sit around 15% body fat all the time)