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New Month, New Focus

With a new month, comes a new focus. If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by only ever have one big long term goal, then perhaps it's time you start breaking things down.

1️⃣ Review the previous month. What worked well, where did you slip up.
E.g. Your training went well, making it to most of your sessions. But you were slipping up with your food because you weren't prepping or planning.

2️⃣ Define your focus. Aim for just 1-2 things that you want to be your main priority this month.
E.g. Going to prioritise prepping meals better during the week, spending 1 hour every sunday and thursday organising your food. And going to drink more water.

3️⃣ Write down your goals.
Going to have 14 meals prepped every single week. 7 on a sunday, and 7 on a thusday. Going to drink 2L water every day, starting with a glass as soon as you wake up.

4️⃣ Create action plans.
Thursday going to organise online food delivery for sunday. Will prep between 3-4pm sunday. Thursday after going to supermarket and will prep between 7-8pm. Going to drink 3 x 600ml water bottles, plus my early morning glass.

5️⃣ Use a planner.
Add it in to your calendar. Make it non negotable.

6️⃣ Be flexible.
Check your calendar each week. Have something on this upcoming thursday night. Adjust your day to wednesday or friday. Forget to online shop thursday and miss the cut off. Schedule in a grocery shop saturday afternoon. Work around other commitments.

7️⃣ Take on a 30-day challenge.
Put a calendar on your fridge. Mark off your meal prep (sunday and thursday) and your 2L water intake for every single time you complete it. Can you mark off them all?
Give yourself a little reward at the end if you do. Maybe say you'll book in for a massage in July if you can mark it all off, or perhaps go buy yourself that pair of shoes you've been eyeing off. Put the reward on your fridge print off too. Remind yourself what's at the end if you do complete it (apart from being even MORE focused on your fitness goals)