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My MPT 8 Week Challenge Wrap-Up


What an amazing 8 weeks. Another challenge done and dusted and another lot of phenomenal results. I thought I would jot down my perspective of my experiences from not only my teams’ results, but the amazing efforts from our 3 clubs as a whole. 


Sometimes you just need a spark, a boost or something to work toward to get you into gear. For many of our MPT’ers, our 8 Week Challenge came at the right time. Melbourne has been cold, wet and miserable the last few months and they needed something to motivate them and get their butts into gear.


With a great mix of first timers and repeat challengers we thought this an ideal time to have a challenge that both pitted the clubs against one another but also brought them together.


Today I am giving my wrap-up of my teams’ efforts and what we learned from the experience.


The one thing I love about our clubs is that you get to know people and care for them outside of their sessions; I had a friend tell me that all they get from their gym is a high five at the end of their 45 minute workouts and I am very thankful that our clubs offer so much more.

(Our group workout at Albert Park Lake)


For my assigned team, I had 13 of our Croydon members; each trainer was assigned their own team. My team was a mixture of business professionals, parents and larrikins…. on the surface, anyway.


In week 1, I decided to go live and get my guys to tell the rest of the group their reason for training; their “why”. To say that I wasn’t expecting some of the answers was an understatement, and I couldn’t have been more touched by the answers that I happened to witness. My guys all bared their souls and gave their own insightful reasons as to why their health was such an important factor in their life. It turns out that this surface level bunch of jokers all had their own reasons for wanting to improve their health and all of their answers were personal to them, and them alone. I found out things about my group that both startled and inspired me; there were tears, revelations and laughs, and they all brought us together as a group. I learned things about peoples loved ones, about their own battles with illness, their body issues, their lack of confidence and their own ability to finally just let it all out without fear of judgment or ridicule. It actually got quite emotional listening to people who I was helping tell me why they really wanted to be healthier, and a lot of the time it wasn’t about looking better at the beach, but being a role model, feeling better inside and leading a better-quality life. There were a few tears, some uncomfortable moments, but, in the end, I saw a steely resolve start to burn in all of my charges.

(Our team workout in the second last week)


After we all got to know each other the conversations and support followed. We would check in every day and see how each other were going. Everyone was busy, but we made the time to check-in and report on our day; there are a million reasons not to worry about others, but at the end of the day, I knew that my group was going to do better if we all had a vested interest in one another. They started seeing each other around the club and exchanging high-fives and training and nutrition updates with each other and even booking into the same sessions.


Every week my guys just went that little bit further; they’d post pictures of their meals, check in with each other and have a laugh. We kept it light, had fun and made sure that we all stayed the course.


In 8 weeks I saw genuine change in people, and that made me the happiest. People were smiling more, lifting heavier weights, eating better, getting their families involved and all the while making new friends.

(How good is this support?)


We had our own Brexit crew in Matty and Mark; the English lads. Matt is having his busiest ever period with work and to say he is under the pump is an understatement. However, every week he’d offer something new to the group and was in essence the unofficial, dare I say it, spiritual leader; Matty went first with his live feed and blew us all away. He also never missed a hike for our MPT Everest Base Camp crew too. Matty has worked every day in the last 8 weeks, yet that trademark grin remains soldered to his face. Well done, lad!


Mark was having something of a crisis also; his lovely wife and fellow MPT’er Chelsea is quite the bigwig with Nike and was subsequently sent to their headquarters in the US, leaving Marky with their twin children. That’s right, twins. Sounds like a bad Vin Diesel movie, but Mark was looking after twins on top of working and exercising, and again, no complaints. Who said poms were whingers? #brexitforthewin

(Was great to see so many smiling faces during the challenge)


Next was power couple David and Erin; these superstars have lost over 30kg between them since starting with us and they are tremendous role models for their daughter. Before the challenge they had let their nutrition slip somewhat, and the biggest thing that I was looking for was a return to healthy habits; I got this and so much more. Erin completely changed her nutrition and was a woman possessed in the kitchen. David also started making better choices and I even managed to get him to eat healthily at the footy while watching our beloved bombers. Well done, you two! PS David has now lost over 20kg with MPT!


For those interested in our next 8 week challenge, we will be running one final one for 2017 starting on 30th October. This challenge will take us right up to Christmas Day.

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