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LISA became a member at MPT Rowville back in November 2016. She joined with her sister Kate, and sister's partner Jeff. Since starting we knew they all would be great at motivating and inspiring each other; losing 14.3kg combined over our 28 day challenge.


Since then, Lisa has gone on to lose 9kg body fat and 13% body fat. In our last 8 week members challenge, she lost 2.3kg's of body fat which may not seem like a whole heap, however it was 16% of her total body fat which is a phenomenal result. Lisa's Mum was also diagnosed with terminal cancer in this time; and while most people would give up and resort back to old habits, Lisa managed to continue training as she felt it gave her a release and was her happy place.


We wouldn't be prouder of all you have achieved Lisa. Congratulations!

What results did you achieve in the challenge?


I lost 3% body fat & 3cm off my abdomen

I increased my unassisted chin ups from 0 to 2 (& a half!)

I increased my V-ups from 4 to 20

I was able to hold a plank for over 6mins.


What were the 3 biggest takeaways from the challenge?


Drink more water!

Setting  short term as well as long term goals helps me focus & plan

How to add variety into my diet.

What has the challenge helped you with moving forward with your health?


It has helped show me that I can still value my health & achieve positive results, even when everything else seems to be falling apart around me.


What did you enjoy most about the challenge?


I enjoyed the competitiveness. I liked that Rowville won!!


What were the support systems like for the challenge?


AWESOME!! I loved my daily inspirational messages from my "challenge buddies" and from the whole team. I loved Trav's live  "ask me anything"s. It kept us all very connected.


What is your advice for anyone thinking about doing the next challenge?


DO IT!  Give it 100%

And make sure the cup stays at Rowville!!!

(Lisa's results from the last 8 week challenge)


What have you now achieved since joining MPT?


Since joining MPT I have lost 9kg of body fat. (34% to 21%). I am much much happier with my body image & I have completely rejected the notion that women "my age" can't look amazing in a bikini.