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Lack of training and nutrition knowledge is NOT the reason why you can’t lose weight.


You hear people say it all the time; “I know how to eat – I know how to train – I know what I should be doing”. With so many people understanding what to eat and how to train, why then are we Australians’ the largest people per capita on earth? Why are we the gold standard for poor health?

The funny thing is, most people do know what to eat and they do know how to train….to some extent. However, they fail to get results. All the education in the world, however they can't lose weight. 

Most people fail for the following 3 reasons

  1. They know what to do, but don’t have a plan – Knowledge is great, but if you don’t plan correctly your training can soon become repetitive, boring and stale. When this happens, you invariably do two things; you either quit or take a loooooooong break. Either of the aforementioned will result in a loss of results. The ability to plan your training is so vastly underrated when identifying success and failure; so many people just ‘go to the gym’ without planning their daily, weekly and monthly plans. Specificity is king, and you must specify what you are doing in every stage of your fitness journey in order to get maximal results.
  2. They have no accountability – You are accountable in every facet of your life. You are accountable to your work colleagues, your staff, your family members, and yes, your partners. However, when it comes to health and fitness, some people don’t see this facet of their life as worthy of account. Without accountability it makes it far easier to lack standards and fall off the wagon. When you are accountable to someone else it makes it harder to slack off and also motivates you to keep going when your motivation is low. If you haven’t got someone holding you accountable, this may be the key reason as to why you aren’t getting the results you so really want.
  3. Their mindset is all wrong – Training and nutrition, training and nutrition, training and nutrition….it’s all we ever hear when the subject of fitness comes up. But what about mindset? What about an understanding of why we do the things we do? Or don’t do? Having the correct mindset is one of the pillars of a great transformation and lifestyle change. You can have all of the knowledge in the world, but if your mindset is all wrong, you cannot possibly put all of your knowledge into practice. Knowing what to eat is fantastic, but what if you can’t rationalise why you should eat it? Understanding training components is great too, but what about those days where you lose focus, forget your goals and go off the rails? The correct mindset, when honed, can bulletproof your psyche and provide you with the ideal platform of which all else will flow. When you get your mindset right, the rest is simple. We have had every day clients go from bingeing and making excuses to stepping on stage in bikini and fitness competitions; all by changing their mindset.


So there you have it, guys. Implement these 3 above topics to help you on the path to success.