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Increase your Metabolism AND Look Younger with THIS!


Who wants to elevate their metabolism?


Then go out there are get yourself some green tea; green tea is a thermogenic, meaning it elevates your metabolism by increasing your core temperature. This increase in temperature will mean that your body is burning more calories throughout the day and also absorbing and using nutrients at a greater rate.


It is also good for fighting illness and increasing energy levels. Drinking green tea helps the body fight free radicals, which are the chemicals that age and break down our bodies. In fact, a green tea after exercise has been proven to help improve recovery and aid in more optimal body composition.

DON'T LIKE GREEN TEA? Try adding a different flavoured tea bag with the green tea, such as a peppermint or berry flavour. This will not only enhance the flavour but give you more benefits too.


It is often the things that we don’t do that have the greatest effect on our bodies ability to produce muscle and burn fat, so focus on adding our little tips and tricks where possible, to enable you to get the most out of your training.


T2 also have some great green tea flavours also. I recommend having 2-3 per day. Hope you all had a great day!


We recommend 2-3 glasses per day.


Have a great day and keep healthy