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Finding your Mojo!


Struggling to get to the gym? Can’t seem to find the motivation? Not sure why?


Odds are, if you are reading this, you are struggling, or HAVE struggled finding your mojo at some point.


It is not uncommon; in fact, it is easy to feel as though exercise is the last thing that we should or could find time for.


I think 99% of our clients who have had dramatic transformations have all at one point said to us that they can’t believe that they didn’t used to put their health first. In this world where there are endless things to do, sometimes the last thing we seem to do is look after the person who truly matters most…. Ourselves.



The majority of people struggle finding their health because they truly do not know their why; the reason they train.


When we don’t know why we want to get healthy, it makes it easy to quit and give up. This is why the majority of big gyms have many people buying 12 month memberships and only using them for 6-8 weeks. Motivation to sign up is always there, however the understanding and willingness to continue is lost after a short time.


So, we are asking you; why do you train? Is it for your kids? Is it for your partner, or your future partner? Is it to have more energy for work? Do you want to feel more confident in your skin? What is the reason you need to do this for?



Only when you know why you need to be healthy will you truly be able to establish habits and standards. People that are truly healthy are not blessed with tremendous discipline or God-given genetic advantages; they are generally just the people that can draw the parallel between a healthier life and a better life.


So, we are challenging you to find that “why”, so you can get the best out of your training.


No matter who you are, YOU are the centre of your own universe and you must look after yourself in order to have all facets of your life working in harmony with one another.


Focus on why you want to become healthier and everything will fall into place.


Need some inspiration; check out Lisa’s story in the link. She lost 23kg with us last year, and she’s not stopping now:



Have a great day, and be healthy guys.


MPT Transformations