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3 tips for getting on track, and STAYING on track!


NEW DIET STARTS…. MONDAY! Do you often hear yourself saying this? What about, I’ll start next month? Or even worse, as soon as the new year is here things will be all different?

Do you question yourself as to why you continually put it off until a presumably ‘better’ time comes around?

What happens when the ‘better’ time does come around? More often than not we will eat well for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, and then something will come up and the cycle will begin all over again.

This is happening so often now from so many women we speak to. They keep putting things off until a ‘better day’ comes around, and totally neglect the present moment. Continual binge eating until their ‘better’ day comes around; which usually means 80-90% of their life.

Think of it this way, you eat well Monday or Tuesday; maybe miss a meal or have biscuit one morning in the staff meeting but apart from that, everything else is great. Wednesday comes along and you missed your morning workout because you snoozed your alarm too many times. That 1 morning tea biscuit turns into 5 biscuits because you were so hungry, and then lunchtime comes and you missed that too because you had too much work on. By the time the afternoon comes, you hit a wall and those sugar cravings are coming on strong. You decide to just buy a small chocolate bar to last you until dinnertime, but at the supermarket you spot a packet of chips on sale, so you buy them as well as the chocolate bar. Dinnertime comes along and you have your meat and veg, but within 30 minutes of finishing dinner you are back to being hungry again and you raid the pantry for whatever else you can find….

Thursday comes along and you figure it’s almost the weekend anyway, and you know you won’t be eating great then anyway as you have a work drinks Friday night and Saturday night a friends birthday. You think there’s no point eating well for Thursday due to your busy weekend, so you say you’ll start back Monday and next week you will be PERFECT.



Does this sound all too familiar? Unfortunately this is the story we hear from so many people, and it hasn’t just been happening for a few weeks- but for years, some even decades. It is a lifetime of poor choices, of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, of next year is my year.


What happened to today? To right now? To maybe failing and then getting right back on it on your NEXT MEAL.


We know it can be hard overcoming a lifetime of bad habits overnight, and it is going to take some time and a whole lot of work to turn over a new leaf, BUT IT CAN BE DONE.


Here are our top 3 tips for getting on track, and staying on track!

  • Find your WHY, your reason, your passion…
    • So many people want to lose weight; they want to get fit. But why? What is the underlying true reason as to why you want to achieve your goal? You need to find that pain and use it to drive you towards your goals. It’s all well and good to say you want to lose 5kg’s, but when 3pm hits and its either that chocolate bar or the weight loss, 9 times out of 10, people choose the chocolate bar. But why? Because they don’t associate the 5kg’s with a feeling.
    • For example, why do you want to lose 5kg’s? How do you currently feel? Are you comfortable in a dress, or in a singlet? How will you feel if you were to achieve your 5kg weight loss goal? How will you feel if you continue to stay the same weight or to increase your weight?
  • Eat protein rich foods.
    • Protein help keep you feeling fuller for longer and also helps us build and repair our lean muscle. Studies have shown protein rich foods give us the highest amount of satisfaction after consuming and make us less likely to snack between meals.
    • Proteins such as chicken, red meat, eggs, fish, protein powder are some of our favourites.
  • Who are you accountable to?
    • It could be a coach, a personal trainer, a training buddy, a friend, or your partner. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you have no one holding you accountable then you are more than likely not doing the work that you should be.
    • All too often we find we have all the tools, knowledge and skills we need to get to our goals, however sometimes the thing that is missing is that we have no one encouraging us on and picking us up when we fall.
    • By making sure we have someone checking up on what we are doing can be all the difference in ensuring we get the job done.
    • Make yourself accountable- who is making sure you get to all your weekly workouts, doing your meal prep, eating your meal prep?