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Why A Strong Mindset is the Key to Success


With social media the way that is, transformations and beautiful bodies are seemingly thrown in our faces on a daily basis; beautiful tanned people sitting on beaches, muscled people performing gymnast-likes feats of strength in the gym and delicious meals flood our Instagram feed continually.

However, what is rarely seen is the struggle, preparation and effort that goes into changing one’s body. Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything is so readily accessible and convenient that we expect everything to be that way. Unfortunately, such conveniences cannot be afforded to one’s health. People often get frustrated as to why they cannot lose weight or change their bodies in rapid time. This can be attributed to a raft of things; metabolic damage, age and poor advice are but a few. However, for most instances, it is just patience that is necessary.

Everyone wants to look good tomorrow, but unfortunately it is not that easy. Change, both physically AND mentally takes time. One cannot transform themselves on the outside without first addressing the emotional and psychological factors that are holding them back. Many people (trainers included) cannot fully utilise their full potential due to a lack of understanding of what continually hinders their progress.

Many people have one good week, followed by several bad weeks. This failure to continue on with their progress is often not physical, but mental. The key to any true change starts from our brain and is then manifested through the hard work it forces our body to do. This too can be the same for athletes, actors and any person born with ‘talent’. Often talent is not the deciding factor as to whether someone succeeds in life. Many people destined for greatness failed due to a lack of mental strength and understanding of themselves. Conversely, many people touted for nothing more than mediocrity went on to be world leaders, elite sportspeople and individuals that helped change the way people think, act and feel.

Often the person with the greatest will outlasts their competitors, and the person with the greatest inner strength prevails. This all comes from inside. When you are truly intune with what you want, your actions and thoughts become one. How many people profess to being gym junkies eat terribly every single day, or have a Facebook wall littered with pictures of them drinking and eating rubbish? How many people wish they could get into shape, yet still struggle to even cook healthy food when it is just metres away in their fridge? How can so many people with good intentions fail so consistently to do the right thing for themselves?

Michael Jordan, the greatest basketballer of all time, was drafted with the third pick. That’s right, there were TWO teams that passed on him before the Chicago Bulls picked him up. He was so spurned by the other two teams passing him up that every year he made a point to make himself better than the year prior. He worked one year solely on his jump shot, the next was his three point shot, the next was his physical strength and conditioning, and so on. He continually made himself better, even when he was the best. His story can be related to anyone, as if there is such improvement in him, how much of an upside is there to you continually up-skilling yourself and your own mental strength.



Our brains, and our mindset, are muscles. We must always focus on making ourselves stronger mentally before embarking on any physical task, as our body will only ever endure what our minds make it do.