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What Do You See?


This is a long post, but I hope you read it.

I was just sitting down to some dinner before and thinking about all of you. Every single night I think about ways to make MPT better and I was thinking about a key component of any transformation and lifestyle change; food.

Before I go on, if you've started reading, read this til the end. You may roll your eyes to start, but you may just learn something that can help you, or help someone around you.

Everyone loves food; be it a Sunday roast, a pie at the footy, homemade protein balls or Christmas dinner, food plays a vital role in our lives both socially and at home.

However, that role can be both positive AND negative dependant on the choices we make.

Everyone has a different opinion on food. Some see it as fuel, some medicine and others as a reward. It's often just HOW we view food that dictate how healthy we are.

When I look at my humble meal, I don't just see a lean protein source and low energy carbs....far from it. I first see my physical health; I think of how I'll look if I eat the meal, and many like it. I think of how I'll look at the beach, how others will perceive me as a gym owner and also how my partner finds me physically.

I also think of how I'll feel; the energy I'll have, the ability to train hard and most importantly the fuel to help me run a business and help people. I know so many people who struggle to get through the day and it always comes back to their food and what they are, or are not, doing. If I am constantly tired I know that I'll be below my best. I also know that I won't be a good person to be around; I won't be a good partner, a good boss, a good friend, a good uncle, brother, son....I won't be that good at ANYTHING. It takes a lot of effort to be good at something and if you can't give your complete energy and effort to it, it's almost impossible to succeed.

Last, but certainly not least, I think of the future; losing my mum made value my health even more than I did before. Unfortunately her passing taught me bittersweet lessons and it's still hard thinking about them to this day, but, like all things, those lessons make me better. I want to be a healthy dad; I want my kids to be healthy, I want their friends to see I'm healthy and I want to be a role model for people not just in my family, but in others too. Nothing gives me more happiness than to see parents training in my clubs; it reminds me every day of why I do my job and it make 2,3 and 4 hours sleep more than enough when I get to help people succeed.

Guys, I know that eating healthily can sometimes seem like a chore. I know that some people look at it as a form of punishment. I was on my rounds for university a few years back and a lady turned to me at lunchtime whilst I was eating my homemade chicken and veg and said "I would eat like you, but I just like food too much". This same woman not 10 minutes before had expressed her wish to lose 30kgs and yet she still had to attempt to justify her own lack of health AND shame me at the same time. I felt bad for her. I politely retorted that I also love food, but I'm also heavily invested in being healthy also. This was 3 weeks after my mum had passed and I found it hard to fathom that a mother such as herself couldn't understand why her health was so important. Yes, you can view food as a treat, but when you treat yourself multiple times a day, you are essentially punishing yourself.

When you look at healthy food as a punishment you will always struggle to eat well; you will justify it by telling yourself that "life is too short" or "it's better than rabbit food". Guys, no one eats perfectly; if they say they do then they are lying. My favourite foods are halva (it's essentially a Mediterranean sugary dessert) and pizza. Everyone indulges from time to time, and that is OK. However, you must reconcile it within your own head that being healthy is an all encompassing thing, and that food is an essential facet.

You must also understand the other extensive and empowering features of eating well; being able to make those strong decisions translates over to making empowered decisions in other parts of your life. Make the decision to eat well and you'll soon find the power to do other things too. Eating better will make you stronger, fitter, leaner and ultimately more confident. This confidence will allow you to try new things; wear new clothes, talking to new people and having a greater outlook on facets of life that once seemed out of reach. These experiences can lead to new opportunities, new friendships, new careers and a new found zest for life. Money can't give you that.

I love it when someone says to me "I have changed my whole lifestyle and I feel amazing" because it means that they aren't just happy AT MPT but elsewhere too, and that it the reason why we do what we do. It's the reason that I obsess over every little thing, that Fern works 18 hours a day and why our amazing trainers show up to work and bust their humps every single day.

I don't care if you're a mother, a father, a 20 something or a 60 something. You can still be social, you can still have fun and you can still live an amazing existence if you eat healthy the majority of the time.

I honestly attribute everything to my health; my confidence, my intelligence and my success. Without it I'd be lost.

So, when I look down at my plate, I'm not upset that it's not a pizza or a schnitzel. I like those foods, but in order to be healthy they cannot be a staple. I see the future; I see kids, days on the beach, long days at work, the ability to deal with stress, a happy temperament and everything that I know that I can only achieve by being healthy.

If you are telling yourself that your nutrition isn't important, either subconsciously or consciously, you are doing yourself a disservice. You deserve more and I hope that by reading this I can make you think of something that you want that health can help buy; it can be more time with the kids, more confidence or more doesn't matter WHAT it is, but I would love you to find out.

Everything has a price but your health is the only thing that can help you buy more time.

If you have got to the end of this I'd love you to write your "why" for living a healthy life below.

Hope you've had a great night. Great to see the Rowville guys tonight. I'll be in at Brunswick tomorrow night and then Rowville Thursday night so pop your head in and say hi if you need help with anything guys.

Think about your health; you are worth it ✌️