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Today's topic is one that concerns every person at some point or a another who lifts weight. This often proposed and debated topic is STRENGTH. For many guys, it's about how much they can bench, and for many women it is that often coveted goal of unassisted chin-ups. Strength is an extremely hard topic to explain. There are so many factors to take into consideration when analyzing someone's strength and their abilities to lift mass amounts of weight. I could go on about long-winded topics such as the vents I nervous system, training frequency, muscle fibre types, coordination and body structure but this would take far too long and bore the day lights out of y'all. In a nutshell, every single person is different. Therefore, the ability to push more weight too is different. Some people are incredibly strong naturally and some are not. HOWEVER, this does not mean that the person with less strength will look worse or be less effective in the gym. You see, the most important strength comes from between ones ears. If you can stick to a program, lift YOUR max weight and focus on correct technique, it doesn't matter if you bench 35kg or 350. The most important thing is that you work to YOUR limit. Some of the greatest success stories we have had are regular people lifting regular weights. The extraordinary results come from their ability to focus and get the little things right. 

So before you get upset at the guy or girl next to you lifting more, remember that weight is subjective and correct form is always the best way to go. Focus on being the best YOU can be and you cannot fail. 


Fantastic work by everyone in the club this week. Keep up the strong work ethic and the world is yours.