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Our trainer Victoria's story...
From a young age I always suffered from body image. I hated the way I looked and I always covered up. I fell pregnant at 16 years of age and gained 35kgs . During my pregnancy I never really thought that the food and amount I was eating would have effect on me after my son was born. I was depressed, overweight and ended up a single parent.
I never really felt like I was worth anything nor that I could look any different. It took me about 2 years to lose that weight just being under stress and barely eating.
6 years later I fell pregnant again; finally happy and in a good relationship. I made sure I was careful on the food choices and things that I ate but once again, 35 kgs I gained. 2 1/2 years ago I had a health scare and I thought if I had to fight something how would I as I wasn't healthy; I was a smoker and my nutrition was poor.
I signed up at my local gym I found a nutrition plan to follow and while I anxiously waited test results. My weight and cms dropped every week and in 3 months I lost 79cms off my body and 12kgs. I was hooked on how much energy I had, how my new attitude on life showed in my kids, how once apon a time I struggled to keep up with them and now they found it hard to keep up with me; it changed my family and life.
I had a crazy idea to enrol myself in a diploma of fitness and I fell in love, this is what I believe I was meant to do and I finally found out how I wanted to help others.
Starting at MPT was the best decision ive made; the community, the support, the other trainers and the clients make every single day worth getting up and going to work for.
The hardest part on wanting to change is taking that first step, and I did it on my own at a gym where I was just a number.
At MPT you're part of the team, the family and community that Travis and Fern have created so you're never alone.
I have achieved a lot in the last almost year I have been with MPT; the continuous learning oppitunities that are provided, the strength and confidence i've not only gained within myself but as a trainer there.
The number 1 tip I would give anyone wanted to make a change is; don't leave it until you have a health scare like myself before you make a change. If you want to start, love and believe in yourself enough to know that it is a hard step to take but when you do, with the support MPT provides you can't go wrong.
I woke up one day and knew I needed to get my health in order not only to see my children grow up but to also give them a role model. To give my husband someone to be proud to call his wife and to feel happy in my own skin. And I achieved more than just that; I gained a career where I get to watch people achieve great things, work mates I class as my family and to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.
All up I've lost 35 kgs at a size 14; to 54kgs at a size 6 for my wedding.
To date I'm happy to say im stronger than ive ever been at 60kgs and currently size 8-10. Never underestimate the power of the mind and what changes your body can make.
I never dreamed it would happen, but it did and I'm so grateful and lucky I get to call MPT my second home.
(Left: Victoria and MPT member Nancy can both had a 5 minute + plank)
(Right: Trainer Samantha squatting Victoria- too much fun at work)