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Is Food Making IT Worse?

Today's blog is going the P word; PROBLEMS. We've all got em....we all don't want them. But why do some people thrive in the face of problems and some weaken of crumble? 
With our fitness, everything is cyclical. Many people eat well Monday/Tuesday, not so great Wednesday, pig-out Thursday night, and in the midst of their third piece of pizza utter "next Monday I'll get back into it". Next Monday comes and they quickly repeat the process. Eventually Thursday becomes Tuesday, and after that "Monday's" aren't even mentioned any more. 
For some, the problems created from poor nutrition stem from their childhood. Many people learn from their parents and then pass this down to their kids. In essence, poor nutritional habits are handed down from one generation to another.
However, for every problem that we are either born into or create for ourselves we CAN rectify with the correct habits.
Many people compound their problems by trying to solve them with food. By doing this, we only solve the problem for 5 minutes before falling into more of a painful state and uttering the inevitable "why did I do that?" and "now I feel worse". 
By understanding how food actually works inside of your body is the first step to developing a better relationship with it. Food can be the single factor in how you think, feel and function. If you put the right food in you will have more energy, better cognitive (thinking) functions, a greater metabolism and a body capable of building more muscle and building more fat (that's right, you need to build muscle to burn fat....even you, ladies). 
So next time you reach for that "comfort food" remember how you feel 5 minutes after you finish it. I bet not once have you said "I feel great". Sometimes all you need is a moment of thought, and to ask yourself "will this make me feel better?". 
More than often it won't. Stay strong guys, and remember that we are in control of how we feel. Make the right decisions and see how you feel. I can guarantee you'll feel better.
Yours in good health,
MPT Transformations