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How To Stay on Track!


Keeping a healthy mindset can be as difficult or as easy as one makes it. Here are ten effective ways to ensure that you are on a continually healthy path.


1. Focus: this is what guides you. If your focus is strong, outside and negative distractions such as foods, drinks and people will not alter your state of mind. Conversely, when we lose focus, these influences derail and sabotage our health. How can we stay focused? - Focus yourself every morning on the way to work, or when you wake up – Watch a motivational 5 minute video on YouTube – Read up on an amazing transformation before you leave the house – Write your goals down and view them several times a day. If you lose focus easily, take the time to focus 2 to 3 times per day.


2. Think about your why: If your reason to change is strong enough, you will. If it is not, there is little chance of change occurring.


3. Throw away your fear: Afraid of failing? Why? If you’re upset about your shape and fitness now, you may already be failing. Stop over analysing the negative and get your butt moving.


4. Don’t label yourself: Not a morning person? Why? Don’t like vegetables? Why? Addicted to sweets? Why? When you label yourself anything, you make it easy to fail. The moment you realise that you are as capable as the person next to you is the moment you begin to change.


5. Make time: Exercising is such a small investment of time. Better yet, it can give you more time. Years, in fact.

6. Be honest with yourself: If you are not happy, start implementing things that will. Even if you don’t enjoy those little choirs (eating well, exercising, drinking water) the positive outcomes and the results garnered will far outweigh the impositions such as healthy eating.


7. Reward yourself: Not with food, but with praise. Every day you opt for a healthy lifestyle is a day deserving of praise. Acknowledge that every day.


8. Learn your triggers: Do you emotionally eat on certain days, or in certain places, or in certain situations. Understand your triggers so you can set up a plan. Otherwise you are enabling yourself.


9. Prepare to be busy: Always prepare to be busy. This eliminates excuses. Again, as in no. 8, if you do not prepare, you are enabling yourself.


10. Give up what you want now for what you will get later: The old saying “wanting ones cake and eating it too” is an oldie but a goodie. The world we live in lends itself to instant gratification; unhealthy food is so accessible. It is SO easy to eat poorly. You don’t even have to leave the house. Also, exercise isn’t a priority; kids in schools only need to do PE until year 9 or 10. Video games where you play sports ACTUALLY REPLACE SPORT. The world is getting fatter. There is no two ways about it. You can take this day and use it to propel you forward or remember it with resentment. The only person that can change you is you. 


Follow these steps and make the changes that you MUST make in order to have the lifestyle you dream of.