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How to Overcome a Negative Self Image


One week ago we have begun our members’ only 66 day challenge. One of the initial tasks we get our challengers to do is to send us through their ‘about me’ section where they tell us about their current body and lifestyle status.

One of the questions posed is what do you like about your body and what do you not like about your body?


There are so many times we hear, “I hate what I see in the mirror”, “I look horrible”, and in many cases, “there isn’t anything I like about my body”.

This negative self-talk is very commonplace and at the same time extremely concerning. Yes, we have always known that there are so many people, females in particular, who don’t like their body and who have made a number of poor lifestyle decisions over the many years and decades.


However, the effects of such choices, paired with the mental distress and the accumulation of years of mistreatment to one’s body leads so many people to a place of utter hopelessness with their health. Many are so disappointed and uncomfortable with their shape that a vicious cycle of continual neglect and self-sabotage occur.


Many have such a poor view of themselves that they think a transformation is not just unlikely, but impossible.


So, what is the key to overcoming a negative self-image?


Step 1


Focus on the Inside Out


Change is hard. Many people, when starting a transformation of their own, scrutinise everything. They look at the scales every day and wonder “when will I start losing weight?” If they don’t lose weight right away they instantly start to criticise themselves again. The main focus at the start of your transformation journey should be to focus on the changes occurring on the inside. Your visceral fat (the fat around your organs) will start to go down, your metabolism will start to speed up and you will have more energy. These are times to celebrate, keep the faith and keep pushing forward.


Step 2


Focus on the Future


Don’t look at where you are right now. If you wallow in the present you will always be stuck in that moment. Praise yourself for the changes you are making and focus on how you want to look. If you are doing all of the right things, continually tell yourself “I am on the way to looking and feeling fantastic”. This positive language can help push you through rough times and keep you on the right track.

Step 3


Get Some Perspective


Yes, what you are feeling about your body now is not ideal. Yes, you have a way to go. However, if you don’t catch yourself and think about the possibilities ahead of you, you will always be unhappy with your body. Be grateful that you are able to make changes and in the position to do so. Some people are not so lucky. If it is only your mind that is stopping you, understand that you are lucky enough to be able to exercise and get moving.


Step 4


Be cautious on who is watching you


Below is one of our long-serving members, Leonie. She religiously does 3 semi private personal training sessions every single week with us, coming in at 5.30am to do so (regardless of the temperature outside). She also umpires netball all day Saturday. Next to her are her 2 daughters, Elise and Jacinta. THIS is what is so great about being able to eat well and exercise regularly; not just the impact it has on your own body and mental state, but also on your family and loved ones around you. Can you imagine what Leonie's daughter's would think about themselves if they continually saw their Mum putting herself down every day; saying she hated her body, hated how she looked, and didn't like anything about herself?

Remember, your children are always watching you and they will more often than not take after their Mother and her actions. LOVE yourself, be a great role model to your kids and speak positively about yourself!


Yours in good health,


MPT Transformations