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Everyone has that one friend who absolutely LOVES their fitness; this is the person who continually posts on Instagram and Facebook their daily sessions, their food choices and the general scope of all things health related. 


Often these people are viewed as a boy cooks, or even quite deranged if you aren’t one who focuses on your health. No matter where you sit, for many people the want to be healthy is ever present. However the joy out of doing such healthy things is often the missing component for many, and the reason they never get themselves to the point in which they are truly happy with their health and wellbeing. 


Getting joy out of your training is important. We all want to live healthy lives. We want to look good, feel good, be complimented and be strong, both physically and mentally. This comes in many shapes and forms; some lift weights, some run, some do cardio and some prefer the more cerebral pursuits such as yoga and Pilates. Irregardless of which one of these pursuits that you choose, the most important thing is that it is FUN for you. That’s right, fun! Getting enjoyment out of your health is the best way to make it a permanent part of your life. 

Over a decade in the industry, here are the 3 components that we think are most important for starting training and most importantly, making it a regular staple in your life:


  1. Find Permanence: For anything to be a regular part of your life, you need for it to be something you can do more or less forever. Whatever form of exercise you choose, make sure it’s something that you can continually do as you age, and that allows for growth both physically and mentally. This is best had in resistance (weights) training and calisthenics (bodyweight exercises). An exercise regime that allows you to do something continually without the risk of injury or serious setbacks allows you to slot it in every week and can be a dependable form of health. This is the same for your nutrition; if you don’t think that you can live on a smoothie diet, count macros or calories or live any one true philosophy forever, don’t do it. You must find something that works for you now, tomorrow and forever and run with it. Don’t start a “thousand rep workout” or a “one month juice cleanse” if you can’t maintain it. Permanence is key.
  2. Be Challenged: So many people think that exercise is boring; if this is you, you’re doing it wrong. Exercise should be challenging. With every coming week should be an opportunity for improvement and mastery of something that you are doing. Simply going for a walk every day or jumping on a treadmill will eventually see you demotivated and likely tired with your regime. By setting challenges, improving your weights/times and enjoying the improvements is the best way to ensure you are the best possible version of yourself and constantly stimulated with your exercise. He who isn’t challenged will often get complacent and give up.
  3. Motivate and be Motivated: Get yourself a training buddy or circle of fit friends. You ARE the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with most often. If you aren’t surrounding yourself with healthy, supportive people then this needs to change. We see relationships blossom every week at our clubs and this is often the catalyst for great success with our members health. Trying to get healthy by yourself can be hard; sometimes you need someone to say “I know you’re a little flat, but we are doing this anyway”. You, in-turn, will do the same for them also. The word fitfam has really come into vogue of late... it seems wanky, but it’s true; surrounding yourself with likeminded people is key. Find your tribe. 

(Well done to new MPT members Annalise and Jayde.
They started with us back in June for our 14 day trial.
Jayde lost 4kg's body fat and kept her muscle the same!
Annalise lost 2kg's body fat and gained 1kg of muscle!
Loved seeing them motivate each other, share their results and be happy along the way)


So there you have it, guys; find something sustainable, something that challenges you and take part in something bigger than yourself. 


In time you may just become that fit friend that everyone keeps seeing in their feed; and you may be healthier and happier as a result. 


Have a safe and happy day.