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What I Love about Sport and how it a Relates to your Fitness


Like most red-blooded Australian males I love my sport.  No matter what it is, I'll watch it. In fact, on a recent trip to Europe I was missing sport so much that I watched 2 hours of darts in my hotel room in the wee hours of the morning to get my fix. To me, sport is the great leveler; no matter how great you may be, or how unbelievable your genetics, someone with a better plan and a greater will, will inevitably be the victor.


The parallels between sports and health and fitness are long and varied. Here are just a few:

  1. Talent is only half the battle: Talent alone won't get you victory in sports, and it is the same for your health and fitness. Some of the naturally strongest and fittest people are often outshone in their results by people who JUST WORK, WORK, WORK. The majority of our challenge winners are people who continually look to do their best and push themselves. Those with natural gifts cannot rely on them alone. So many great sportspeople and gym goers never reach their full potential because they believe that their natural talent alone is enough. It isn't.
  1. Preparation can defeat talent: you see it all the time; a team of underdogs beats the champion team. Why? Because they have a plan. A correct plan, in sports and fitness, is crucial. Not that strong, doesn't matter. Haven't got a lot of time? Doesn't matter. Not naturally gifted? DOESN'T MATTER! The only people who really succeed are those who plan and then take action on that plan.
  1. Set goals: It's hard to believe, but many high level sportspeople don't set goals. These are the ones you think about 15 years after they retire and say "if only they became the player I thought they'd be". In fitness, setting goals is crucial. It holds you accountable, gives you direction and allows you to focus. 


So there you have it, guys. After? Disagree? Give us some feedback and let us know what you think. 


Yours in good health,


Travis Pantelic