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From a size 20 to a 12... How did Sarah do it?


Sarah has been training with us since January 2017 and since then has achieved some INCREDIBLE results. She started out with our 28 day challenge, and just recently did our 8 week challenge... We asked her some questions on the results she achieved and some advice she can give other people looking to set and achieve their own goals.


What results did you achieve in the 8 week challenge?
- I lost 3.6kgs on the scales
- Up 1.9kg in muscle
- Down 6.5kg in body fat
- Down a total 16.9cms

(Sarah Jan 2017 --> Sarah NOW after the 8 week challenge)


What were the 3 biggest takeaways from the challenge?
- The mental capacity to know that I can do it and that although at times it can be hard and you can have an off day, the old me would of just given up whereas now I just keep pushing.
- I learnt a lot about nutrition and the right times to be eating certain meal groups. Also that your taste buds change so don't be afraid to try new foods
- Water will become your new best friend

What has the challenge helped you with moving forward with you health?
- I started the challenge thinking I knew what my why was but during the challenge I found what my real why was and it honestly has made me even more determined in achieving it. I now enjoy getting up and going to the gym!

What did you enjoy most about the challenge?
- I enjoyed the weekly challenges; it gave me something to focus on and helped me to restart each week as a new week.

What were the support systems like for the challenge?
- Support was amazing, you had a trainer there to ask as many questions as you needed and they were constantly checking in to see how you were going.
- There were weekly AMAs (ask-me-anything) where so many topics were covered and you learnt something new each time.
- The challenge had its own private Facebook page where everyone put up meal ideas and supported each other.
- The support from everyone involved in the challenge itself was amazing. It's like you have this massive family supporting and cheering you on.

(Sarah with her MPT trainer, Luke)


What is your advice for anyone thinking about doing the next challenge?
- If you need something to push you in the right step it's the best thing to do for yourself
- It's ok to make mistakes, it's how we learn but instead of beating yourself up, get yourself back on the horse and move forward and work out how you can change it for the future
- Use the trainers; they are all full of knowledge and have so much passion for what they do and you will learn a lot from them
- Find a why that will make you get up at the crack of dawn or that will make you get to your session even if you feel like you have no time or are exhausted after a massive day
- Do your meal prep and set yourself up for a win!

What have you now achieved since joining MPT?
- I have gone from a size 20 down to a 12
- I have lost 17.3kgs in body fat
- I have lost over 70cm
- I have lost 10 levels of visceral fat
- And most of all I have the strength and determination to achieve my goals

(Sarah doing some band chin ups- getting stronger every session)


Stay tuned on Sarah's story as she is in training for her first powerlifiting comp; cannot wait to see her work hard and achieve her next goal.


Our next 8 week members challenge begins August 7th. Click HERE if you would like more information on how you too can be involved.