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Fiona's incredible transformation!


Not everyone has a lot of weight to lose. For some, it can be dropping a few extra kilos of body fat, increasing strength and just general heath and wellbeing. Which is exactly what Fiona's transformation is all about. 

Fi is extremely consistent with her training. Since beginning with us at MPT she has rarely missed a session. Fi is strong, gives everything during her sessions and is always looking to improve on technique. Fi has also improved her nutrition since continuing on from her 28 day challenge earlier this year. Fi regularly hands in her meal diary for feedback, and has made huge changes in her food - which has been the key to her results.


Little us about yourself:

My name is Fi & I’ve been at MPT Rowville for 6 months. I’ve anyways enjoyed being active, playing sport and being in the outdoors. 

Explain your life prior to losing weight:
I have always been within a healthy weight range with my muscle and fat fluctuating slightly dependent on weather, diet, motivation and travel. Throughout my schooling life, I was always playing sport, in running clubs and fitness clubs- anything that was available to me! Post school it did not take me long to realise I needed to find other means of exercise. The past several years I have played social sport, tried mainstream gyms and health clubs and enjoyed outdoor recreation. 

What made you want to start training at MPT?
A friend asked me to do the 28-day challenge with her. I thought sure why not- I was keen to lose a few kilograms. That is all I thought I would be getting out of the place but boy was I wrong! MPT has been so much more rewarding than I expected. 


What is your advice for anyone thinking about joining MPT?
DO IT! If you want to make a positive change to your life- minor or major, you have a good chance of achieving it at MPT. The 28-day challenges are a great place to start. MPT is a safe, supportive, positive and comfortable place to be. MPT has given my health journey structure and direction.


What are the support systems like at MPT?
MPT is like no other club I’ve seen. You aren’t just a client to the MPT family- they treat you as an individual and assist you in ALL aspects of your health journey- training, nutrition, mental health, social health, temptations and setbacks. The trainers are available 24/7 for when you have questions or want to reach out and share your latest and greatest post work out meal with the MPT family. Everyone at the club is friendly, fun and supportive of everyone goals.


What have you now achieved since you started your weight loss journey?
Since starting at MPT I have gained 3.1kg of muscle and lost 7.3% of my body fat.

What is the #1 tip you could give someone just starting out on a weight loss journey?
Celebrate the small stuff- it might be the changes you see in your arms or being able to zip up your pants easier. I think that stuff is more rewarding then looking at the scales every day. 


What is something unexpected that happened to you as a result of getting healthier?

I have more energy and enjoy exercising more than ever.


Why do you love training at MPT? 
The MPT culture at the club makes me love being there. I have learnt so much about nutrition and diet, which has increase my progress dramatically. It is such a supportive and fun place to be. I feel healthier and happier every time I finish a workout- thank you MPT