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Amanda Paarman’s Amazing Transformation (Thus Far)


When people start their fitness journey there is always fear associated with moving forward. Amanda was no different. Read her story of how she lost 20 kilograms and continues to set new standards every single week.


What brought you to MPT?

I drove past the Croydon studio one day and popped in to get some information on what classes you guys offered. I got to speaking with one of the trainers and after he explained the way MPT worked this gave me the confidence to start training. After this I joined, and I haven’t looked back.


What were you hoping to achieve?

My first objective was to lose weight. As a part of this process I also knew that I wanted my fitness levels to improve too.


What was your biggest fear when joining?

That l wouldn’t be able to do it and i would give up and resort back to my old habits. This had happened in the past and was definitely my biggest fear.

What were your first few weeks like?

The encouragement and motivation was fantastic. It was just what i needed to keep going. It was so hard, but I kept at it because i enjoyed coming to MPT and I have never had that from a gym before.


What have you achieved with us?

I have lost 20 kilograms so far, and I aim to keep on losing. My fitness and strength and have also gone up and I have got my confidence back and enjoy my training and the results I am getting.


What has your training experience been like?

Fantastic! The trainers really care about you as a person as well as your fitness and your personal goals. Trainers Luke and Trent always push me and make me challenge myself, which I love, and why I keep coming back. I haven’t been this motivated for a very long time and it’s been amazing experience and I would recommend it to other people looking to lose weight without a doubt.

What do you enjoy the most?

Achieving things that I never knew I was capable of. Getting fitter, stronger and losing weight.


What do we do to get the most out of you?

MPT encourages me to improve every week and shows genuine interest in how i am going.


What are the best 2-3 things about MPT?

Definitely the trainers. I love their focus, care and the love for what they do; it comes across with all their clients and they really want to help people make a difference in their lives. The classes they offer in the different time slots and the variety of classes available are also fantastic, as it keeps people motivated. Thank you MPT.