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5 Reasons Why You Can't Drop Body Fat OR Keep It Off?

  1. You Aren’t Doing resistance Training

In order to gain the fastest metabolism possible, in order to burn fat and burn calories, resistance (or weights) training is a must. Your metabolism relies heavily on the lean muscle mass that your body has in order to perform optimally, and doing resistance training a key component of adding lean muscle. Many ladies are wary of doing weights, as they are afraid of getting “bulky”. One thing that we teach all of our clients (80% of which are women) is that doing resistance is a necessary part of losing weight and getting lean. In order to build muscle and burn fat, resistance training is the number 1 component you must implement.

  1. You aren’t Eating Enough

Many people simply do not eat enough food. Many people who come to us initially make great gains in losing weight and building lean muscle by simply correcting their foods and eating MORE. That’s right, by eating more food, they lost weight and got leaner. This happens because our bodies natural metabolism speeds up to metabolise the food consumed and by making the right food choices their bodies become more efficient at building lean muscle, which elevated their metabolism 24 hours a day.

  1. Too much Cardio

Cardiovascular training has its part to play in both getting lean and losing weight. It helps to regulate our insulin levels and is also imperative to strengthening our lungs and heart. However, doing too much cardio can actually cause our body to lose muscle, therefore down-regulating our metabolism and causing our bodies to become less efficient at burning fat. Too many people think walking or jogging on the treadmill will get them lean. This often creates the exact opposite effect, as many lose too much lean muscle and put weight on.

  1. Incorrect Training Program

Sometimes you can eat well, have a great attitude and invest time in yourself and still not get the results you so sorely need. This can often be attributed to the wrong training programming. When looking to get lean or lose weight, the right program is essential. Too many people focus only on 1 to 2 muscle groups and leave the most important ones. With guys, it is generally the arms and chest, and with ladies there is a general overdoing of the core. Remember, you want to do movements that incorporate as many muscle groups as possible in order to get the greatest stimulus. That is why the squat, deadlift, bench press and pull-up exercises are so effective. They use the larger muscle groups in your body and allow you to lift a greater amount of weight than exercises that use smaller muscle groups.

  1. Lack of Training Intensity

Guys, if you aren’t training hard you will find it tremendously difficult to change your body shape. In order to change your body, you must also change your standards. Training sessions must be challenging and you must constantly be improving in order to get the best results possible. This means making every training session count.