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Why you Shouldn’t Quit


Today we are going to discuss success, failure and everything in between.

Quitting on your health is a common occurrence; so many people have the idea being healthy. For some, the change in body and mind often appears seamless; they transform their body and become the best possible version of themselves. For others, a far different story occurs; they sign up to a gym, train 5 or 6 times and never come back.

So, what separates the two groups? Is it strength? Is it genetics? Is it finances? Is it talent?

The answer to all of those questions is a large and resounding NO.

The key to a great transformation is training oneself not to quit. The truth about transforming your body is first understanding that there will be good and bad days. There will also be good and bad weeks. There will be weeks where you lose weight, gain muscle and burn fat; and then there will be some where you don’t.

On those low weeks, some people cut and run, whilst the others stay and persist.

So, what are the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t quit?

  1. It is harder to start back up again

Health is all about momentum. Starting then quitting and then repeating the process only adds another failure to your fitness resume. Every time you quit, you subconsciously admit defeat and make the next time that much harder, knowing that you gave up before.

  1. It wreaks havoc on your metabolism

Being healthy is about creating standards. If your metabolism is constantly being sped up and slowed down there is no consistency within your body. This makes it increasingly harder to build lean muscle, in-turn making weight loss and body fat reduction that much harder.

  1. You develop habits that define ‘you’

Quitting is a habit. If you make a habit of quitting on your health, you will always associate health and quitting in the same sentence. By doing this, you make every coming fitness promise to yourself knowing that you will invariably quit.

  1. It is harder to get support if you always quit

We all have that friend that is always “getting back into their fitness”. They work hard for 4 or 5 weeks, take 27 weeks off and then announce to the world that they are getting back into it again. They do this all the time, and eventually no one takes them seriously, and views that person not as healthy, but as someone who makes empty promises not only to themselves, but to others too.

  1. You don’t test yourself

The greatest thing about changing your body is the test itself. You must test yourself every day to transform yourself. By quitting and starting up again you never really give yourself the opportunity to prove whether you can do it or not. If you stay the course, you will get the result. It is all about whether you are willing to put your staying power to the test.


So, next time you go to give up on your health and fitness goals, don’t think about what you are quitting on right now, but rather think about what the cost of giving up will be for your own health, your future self and all of those around you.