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Why Change Is Necessary!



I came across this quote today and I just love it. I think the reason so many people fail, and to a lesser degree struggle, is because they only half attempt things. With our health, we often say "tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow" or "I don't have the time" or "I have so much on at the moment, I just can't (insert health related event here)". For every genuine reason for not being healthy there are generally 5 or 6 things we find to do INSTEAD of what we know we should do. A change in your health doesn't take a long time; you can literally change your mindset and put yourself on the right track in an instant. But you MUST make the decision to commit to changing. You MUST justify WHY you are doing these healthy things and anchor that to you so you never lose site of it. Try to justify why you SHOULD go to the gym instead of why you shouldn't.


For example: 
- Early mornings aren't fun (BUT I'll have all of my exercise done before 7am and I can enjoy my night)
- I don't want to be away from my family (by exercising I'll be more vital, more energised, more fun to be around and I'll be around LONGER)
- eating healthy isn't fun (neither is the meltdown I have every time I see a picture of myself or look in the mirror after getting out of the shower)
- I'm doing pretty good (I know I can do better. I will improve)


We can all have a reason as to why we don't do things, but deep down we know when we can do better. If you are continually "getting back into it" or saying "this week is the week" and continually slipping back into old habits you need to find your ANCHOR! It may be the need to see your kids grow up, to love yourself in the mirror or look at your body fat measurements and feel an overwhelming sense of pride. Visualise these things. Look at your kids smiling faces when they are old....look at your grandkids....look at the new you, full of confidence....visualise yourself getting up in the early morning and busting your hump to get results. Picture what you WANT and focus on it with laser-like intensity.


The most successful people you know all have something driving them forward and forcing them to understand why then cannot fail. If you know someone with this mentality, seek them out and get their advice. The only way to progress is to understand why you need to do so. Without such insight you will always be wondering why. 


You all have INFINITE POWER. but you must exercise it and above all believe that you are capable. If you don't, you will live with regret.


You all have the capability to make amazing changes, but you must unlock the part of you that finds a reason to continually stop.


Find your anchor. Find your reason. Find your health.